Beer Keg Backpack

What can possibly be better than a beer keg, on a backpack, with a working soda fountain inside? Well it is true, and it even has a beer tap!

This project started many a year ago when our scoutmaster, Mr Sutton, got an empty beer keg to turn into a ‘water heater’ for camping. Well, he procrastinated for too long, and it was commandeered. Thats how we got the keg. John and I sawed the top of it off on a Friday night, with a hacksaw. This took nearly 8 hours! The cut was nice though, so it was worth it. The next morning I attached the lid to the body with an extra hinge. I bought some latches from Lowes, and attached them. Now we had a latching lid.

I began to think…If we are going to go camping with this, it has to be water proof…and there is a seam all the way around that will leak. So, I went to Lowes, got some aluminum bar, and bent it into a circle. This was then attached to the edge of the lid. When you close the lid, the aluminim is on the outside. This was then caulked, which made it waterproof. A handle was added to the top to ease in opening.

We still had a problem though. We did not have a backpack to put it on. This was solved with some smooth talking and $15 we were the proud owners of an external frame backpack. This was soon bolted on, with dampners mind you, and the keg was ready to go backpacking.

We were still lacking one critical component though…the tap. To solve this, I bought on ebay a pressure regulator, a beer faucet, a faucte shank, and a tap handle. Soon the pieces arrived, and it was off to Lowes to buy the PVC and hoses required to ‘put it all together’.

This picture shows my custom, 50-calibur tap handle attached to the faucet, as well as the pressure chamber. The pressure chamber has a shrader valve on it, to be pumped up with a bicycle pump to about 100 PSI. This is regulated by the regulator (the red thing at the top with the two circles), to bring the pressure down to a constant 5 PSI. The outflow from this is connected to the fluid resevoir. This tank (not pictured) holds 2.73 Liters, and it outflows to the nipple of the faucet shank (not pictured). When you pull down the handle on the faucet, out comes a steady flow of your choice of drink!

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