Homebuilt Airplane

Tuesday, June 17th: I began work! I started building the rudder, so the fun has officially started.

Friday June 20th: More Progress…I finished the rudder assembly, attached it to the elevators, and began construction on the fuseladge. Check the pics!

The rudder and horizontal stabilizer…note custom hinges!

The front of the fuseladge.

The back of the fuseladge….note the great clamps: a railroad rail (which I sawed in half with a hack saw), a sledge hammer, and a bottle of anti-freeze. If thise airplane makes it airborne, alot of people will be very surprised.

Woohoo! My 55 sqaure foot workspace….note the kegs, thats another project!

Saturday June 21st: Well, the two half’s of the fuseladge are complete and I am in the process of connecting them. I got scared today because it started to look like an airplane….check the pics!

Is anyone else scared?

June 24th: New Photos, and more progress!

Ain’t she purdy?

Tail assembly with working rudder and elevators in progress (one shown!).

This is showing the general size of the wings in relation to the fuseladge…it will be a bit higher though!

August 26th: Wow, its been a while since I last posted something here, but do not be afraid. There has been much progress, well not in the last two weeks due to vacation and now college. But. There has been ALOT of progress. Check it out!

Both the wings are completed (not covered) and the alerons are coming too. One is built and attached, and one is almost done. There is landing gear, the pilot’s seat. It’s really coming along! A few days ago the engine arrived, an old Navy surplus engine, which is almost flight ready. As soon as we get the chance, construction will resume, but that will be a few months due to the minor issue of college….

..and this is the engine. Wow!

October 1st, 2008: The airplane now has a name: Feasible I . Let’s hope it gets off the ground.

The above video is the furthest the airplane got construction-wise. The following video is a timelapse of the airplane being destroyed. Enjoy.

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