Rotating Chicken Coop

The problem was posed as such: “I need a way to move the chicken coop so that the chicken run is on new ground every few days. I was thinking wheels, what do you think?”. So I proposed the idea of a rotating chicken coop, and was promptly dubbed the ‘Whizzy American kid’ by my UK host mom.

Work began on the platform, which went quite smoothly, despite having to search for tools. The wood was all in rough-sawn timbers, and had to be brought down to size accordingly.

The rotating heart of the project is the axle and brake drum from an old car. We got the assemble from a car parts dealer, who was glad to chop the axle in half for the crazy American. 20 quid – not too bad for the parts cost. The axle was driven into the ground vertically, and then concreted in to prevent it from moving.

After that had set, we bolted the frame onto the wheel hub, and low and behold, it spun! After carefully placing the chicken coop on the contraption (we moved it along logs at night when the chickens were in the coop sleeping), the whole assembly can be moved with one hand, and then the run can be adjusted as necessary. Overall, a successful project!


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